UK Private Psychology is a specialist clinical psychology service, providing psychological assessments and reports for clinical, educational and medico-legal purposes. They also offer psychological therapy services to children, families and adults, as well as specialist consultations for professionals, parents and primary caregivers.

UK Private Psychology services are provided by a highly specialised clinical psychologist with multiple accreditations. They have two divisions established for the proper outreach and management of services:


Affordable Psychology Services support you by providing face to face professional counselling concerning a wide range of psychological issues – whether you are seeking counselling for your partner and you, are troubled by anxiety or depression or are seeking counselling support for your child or adolescent we are here to help. For more information please visit our website

Expert Psychology Services

Expert Psychology Services produces reports for both professionals and individuals – whether it’s a medico-legal report for civil, family or criminal proceedings or a cognitive assessment for a school, family or individual. Expert Psychology Services also provides psychological assessments and therapy with a Clinical Psychologist. For more information on our services, please visit our website